FAQs in AI Project Management

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This is the second article in the knowledge series for Start adopting AI to generate Business Value. I will try to go over some of the questions subjectively.

What does it take to build & sustain organization wide ML/AI capabilities?

What are the common misconceptions in ML/AI project management?

What a traditional software project managers should be aware of to lead AI Projects efficiently?

How to avoid possible traps which can lead to loss & inefficiency in ML/AI teams & projects?

What kind of a project life-cycle ML/AI projects goes through?

How to adapt agile methodologies in the context of ML/AI project & how they are different compared to traditional software development agile practices?

Adapt agile methodologies:

Differences for ML/AI projects compared to conventional software development agile practices:

How to efficiently use computation and human resources for expensive ML/AI activities under constrained budget & resources?

Some other questions worth knowing are -

This will be for the next post…

Credit: Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels